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It’s More About You

Welcome to Pollyanna Press, where I feature some of my iPhone photography paired with short stories, poems, or essays. It is a type of photojournalism; where pictures carry the essence of the narration, and suggest a mood, a query, or the like, to the mind of the viewer.

I am of the new generation of iPhone users in love with taking pictures. This is one aspect of modern life I have thoroughly embraced. (I am something of an anachronism, and love to find the historical context in all things.)

Perhaps it is hopelessly optimistic, but it seems you can find beauty in everyday things or ordinary objects. Hence the idea of Pollyanna.

There is always a story. But it is a story only informed by the eye of the viewer. You bring your own perspective to the dialogue; you interact. I hope in these pages you will find a story that resonates with you.

Please visit my genusrosa blog if you are interested in long form writing, or literary essay.

As well, that is where you can find out about my works of fiction, A Garden for Allegra, (here)and Composing Molly. (here)

I can be reached by email at genusrosa AT me DOT com.


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